About us

Ningbo Pabokay Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011. The company values technological innovation, independent research and development, sustainable development and forging ahead. At present, the company has developed into one with production capacity of three categories of products lines, comprising the series of auto electric door lock system,At the same time, Industrial Cluster of R&D, manufacture and sales as well as Advantage technical resources integration and comprehensive utilization are taking shape in the company.

An experienced Research and Development team and modern production facilities are among our companies' abundant strengths.We have excellent technological knowledge,and modern state of the art facilities,which include production areas for collection compression casting,injection molding,ramming machine-finishing and the electronic circuit research and development in a body.

We have put in place reliable safeguards for the production quality assurance to maintain our high standards. In addition, we successfully cooperate with domestic and international companies since 2011 and constantly receive high praise from those companies.Our mission is to bring a fresh wind to the industry and to the world.

We offer solutions to our clients for the entire production process, including product design,production,final QA of the finished product,marketing,and after sale service and consider the satisfaction of our customers as our highest success.We are dedicated to establish a long-term economic trade relationship with international companies.We sincerely hope to work together with a vast number of clients in order to create brilliant products and believe that our efforts will be all of your return.